2022 iPhone SE 3rd Gen Review
Apple’s 2022 refresh of their most affordable iPhone, the iPhone SE 3rd Gen, starts at $429. It’s the iPhone for budget-conscious shoppers who prefer smaller phones or those who prefer Touch ID to Face ID. It sports an A15 processor just like the more expensive iPhone 13 models and it has sub6 5G. The design is similar to the last gen 2020 model, with a Touch ID button on the front, 4.7” LCD display with P3 color gamut and glass backs in your choice of black, white or Product Red. The base SE has 64GB storage and it’s also available with 128GB and 256GB storage. It supports 20 watt wired charging and Qi wireless charging, but not MagSafe wireless charging.
** Get it on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3qhKbHW
** Get it at Best Buy: https://shop-links.co/cgRGn7d4Yi5
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