4 New Changes In Season 5 Battleroyale Update | CODM Season 5
4 New Changes In Season 5 Battleroyale Update | CODM Season 5

Codm season 5
Codmobile mythbusters
Codm battleroyale myths
Codm settings
Codm Tips and tricks

music credit –

Part 1 Br changes – https://youtu.be/w_1hpaAn0V4

ByLx –

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Discord – https://discord.gg/cRU7ab92ef

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ID – TANGO^Sss0024
Device – Asus rog 3

Second channel link – https://youtube.com/channel/UCKcfxA8ienxqaMhs4YbgP9g

Codm movement guide – https://youtu.be/u5GnFON_lMc

Basic br settings guide – https://youtu.be/JvLaGUjx2cQ

Quick weapon switch explained – https://youtu.be/xaJWUAJxznU

Ads button for rotation – https://youtu.be/V88P88L-lS8

Aim assist – https://youtu.be/FC2MVhwK5oY

Close range tips and tricks – https://youtu.be/69t6-rSlxNM

Top 10 tips & tricks part -1 -https://youtu.be/P0zB-_7J-1E

Top 10 tips & tricks part 2 – https://youtu.be/MjcK_uZW2FA

Top 10 tips and tricks part 3 – https://youtu.be/6KctJpKlZoQ

Top 10 tips and tricks part 4 – https://youtu.be/Lu74wph_XJk

Graphics gameplay

modern warfare graphics – https://youtu.be/7OkIwUoQeo4

Advanced war graphics – https://youtu.be/YoJaMvUJ7wA

Black ops graphics – https://youtu.be/n5Gcso5n8Ac

Warzone graphics – https://youtu.be/V_BAeK4T6Vc

Codm global realistic graphics – https://youtu.be/nBlKepy6N-k

Proper jump / slide settings – https://youtu.be/E7bt3zgBmGQ

Battleroyale br basic settings guide – https://youtu.be/JvLaGUjx2cQ


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