8 Ways to Make Money Online (how to earn $200/day at home!) | 2022
Today I am going to show you 8 different ways you can be making money online AT HOME in 2022! You can make $200/day this year with these 8 side hustles. They can be done in just 15-minute windows, making them perfect for parents, students, part-time hustlers, and everyone in-between. Tag along as I show you how to make money online today!

Although I use the Fiverr marketplace as my point of reference, these side hustles can be done ANYWHERE online! Plus, it’s free to use a site like Fiverr for getting started.

In just a few months, you can be making $300/day or more on freelancing sites, and I am going to show you HOW.

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Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:34 Side Hustle 1: Social Posts & Banner
02:14 Side Hustle 2: Marketing Advice
03:15 Side Hustle 3: Beta Reading
04:39 Side Hustle 4: Transcription
05:58 Side Hustle 5: Converting Files
07:21 Side Hustle 6: Customer Support
09:17 Side Hustle 7: Personal Stylist
10:46 Side Hustle 8: Gaming
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