All New Features Update 2.0 PUBG Mobile/BGMI
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PUBG Mobile 2.0 has many new features, following are new features..

1- Core Circle New mode
2- Emergency Pickup
3- Official livik map
4- Livik Veteran Achievement
5- New Status Feature
6- Haptic Feedback
7- Cherry Plant
8- Secret locations Livik map
9- Drop location

and many more..


1- Unlink 3rd Link PUBG Mobile:

2- The chosen one Achievement:

3- Get Bonus Challenges PUBG Mobile:

4- Change Mobile and email PUBG Mobile:

5- PUBG Mobile 2 Factor Authentication:

6- Threat from Above achievement

7- Open Sesame Achievement PUBG

8- Dead Eye Title

9- Investigator title PUBG Mobile

10- PUBG Mobile 2.0 Features






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