Apple MacBook AIR M1 – 35 Games tested [8-cores]
The M1 processors from Apple took the laptop world by storm, promising high performance from a low-powered ARM-based chip, as well as the bonuses that come with it – long battery life, sleek design, and better connectivity. While Apple products are neither budget nor gaming-oriented, the $1250 M1 Air is currently the most affordable Apple laptop on the market with the full M1 processor. So, does the M1 deliver on its promise? Well… sort of.

0:00 Intro
0:08 World of Warcraft
0:38 Counter Strike: GO
1:08 XCOM 2
1:38 Civilization VI
2:08 Deus Ex Mankind Devided
2:38 Shadow of Mordor
3:08 Unturned
3:38 Overcooked 2
4:08 Transistor
4:38 World of Tanks
5:08 War Thunder
5:38 Two Point Hospital
6:08 Total War: Warhammer II
6:38 Shadow of the Tomb Raider
7:08 The Long Dark
7:38 Rocket League
8:08 League of Legends
8:38 Hollow Knight
9:08 Fortnite
9:38 For the King
10:08 Euro Truck Simulator 2
10:38 Dying Light
11:08 DOTA 2
11:38 Don’t Starve
12:08 Company of Heroes 2
12:38 Cities: Skylines
13:08 Borderlands 2
13:38 Bomber Crew
14:08 BattleTech
14:38 Batman: Arkham City
15:08 Armello
15:38 Heroes of the Storm
16:08 The Witcher 3
16:38 Starcraft 2
17:08 Diablo 3
18:18 Outro

● Display: 13.3″ , 2560 x 1600, 60Hz
● CPU: Apple M1
● GPU: Apple M1 8 cores
● RAM: 8GB 3200 MHz
● SSD: 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD
● OS: macOS Big Sur 11.2.2

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Frame rate might not be the one that you experience since we are recording directly on the machine and not capture it separately, so you might experience a 3-5 fps improvement.
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