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Apple TV4K Complete Review | Telugu | ఆపిల్ టీవీ 4K తెలుగులో | By Vijay

Apple TV4K Complete Review | Telugu | ఆపిల్ టీవీ 4K తెలుగులో | By Vijay
This video is all about AppleTV 4K, We are going to cover everything that you need to know about Apple TV. below are the details overview what we cover in this entire video. As we have lot to cover this video is bit longer.

This Video is all about
Apple TV Complete interface
Apple TV Settings and options
Apple TV Apps and App Store
Apple TV movies App
Apple TV Music App
Apple TV App
Apple TV+ App
Youtube App
Netflix App
Amazon Prime App
Complete layout
Apple TV screensavers

This Apple TV can be used with any TV as long as it has HDMI Port. Yes it is 4K TV, But you don’t need to have a 4K TV. It Supports Dolby Atmos
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