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Apple Watch SE vs Series 6 ULTIMATE BATTERY TESTS + Battery Life Tips & Tricks!

Apple Watch SE vs Series 6 ULTIMATE BATTERY TESTS + Battery Life Tips & Tricks!
Comparing the battery life on the Apple Watch SE vs Series 6 for GPS, Sleep Tracking w/ SPO2, Always-On Display, and more. Plus, tips and tricks to get the most battery life out of your Apple Watch!

// Sections //
0:00 Intro
1:01 What and How I Tested
2:36 Battery Life during GPS Workouts
3:02 Battery Life while not connected to an iPhone
3:47 Battery Life while connected to an iPhone
5:02 Battery Life with external heart rate monitor
5:38 Battery Life during workouts while listening to music
6:57 Sleep Tracking Battery Life with and without SPO2
7:47 Charging Times – Series 6, SE, Series 5, Series 4
9:25 “All-Day” Battery Life
10:59 Battery Life Tips and Tricks
12:01 Summary and Wrap-up

Battery Life Tips and Tricks: http://getdesfit.com/15-apple-watch-battery-life-tips-tricks/

/// Gear I Use (Amazon links) ///
Wearable: https://geni.us/rAaay
Bike GPS: https://geni.us/edge830
Chest Heart Rate Strap: https://geni.us/4IgDIh
Arm Heart Rate Strap: https://geni.us/nZYvx
Headphones: https://geni.us/jaybirdvista

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