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Customer Service Contact Telegram: @USDTRB_NET

Customer service contact whatsapp: +447599164245

Company Statutory White Paper:

First: how to register

Two: Introduce the recharge method

Three: Introduce how to invest in fixed investment projects

Three: Introduce the withdrawal method

Four: The introducer has a commission

Five: How to check the daily fixed investment income

Six: How to proceed, recharge demonstration

Seven: Demonstrate how to click the sharing invitation link in the video

Eight: Videos showing the benefits of withdrawals and fixed investments

Nine: Prove that the recently scheduled USDT investment has been withdrawn to the wallet

Video Production Requirements:

Step 1: Sign in to your account

Step 2: Check the income of fixed investment projects

Step 3: Teach users how to extract income from fixed investment projects

Step 4: Click on your wallet to prove the proof record of the recent scheduled investment USDT income withdrawal

Step 5: Demonstrate how to click the share invitation link

(Open your Facebook, twitter, instagram, Tik Tok, telegram group, WhatsApp group, share

the link, and add a screenshot of your recent recharge record, as well as a screenshot of your scheduled investment project income withdrawal)

Step 6: Explain how to allow users to earn money using the invite link. Invite
subordinates to recharge, 6% for the first level, 3% for the second level, and 2% for the third level!
Your first-level subordinates recharge 10000usdt, you can get 6%, which is 600usdt
Your secondary subordinates recharge 10000usdt, you can get 3%, which is 300usdt
Your third-level subordinates recharge 10000usdt, you can get 2%, which is 200usdt
The income obtained by the invitation can be received without recharging, and make money for free



This is not an investment advice.
I am not a financial advisor.
Always do your own research and invest Wisely According to your own findings and personal judgment.
Non-profit educational or personal use tips to balance in favor of fair use.

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