Did Apple Accidentally Make the Best Gaming Laptop?
Can the M1 Pro and M1 Mac MacBook Pro really be the best gaming laptops? Anything’s possible!
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0:00 – Apple’s braggadocious statements
0:36 – Apple’s historically awful gaming history
2:05 – Apple Silicon turned the tables
3:55 – How to get games made for Mac
4:34 – Gaming in virtualized Windows on ARM
7:04 – Gaming via WINE compatibility layer on ARM
8:17 – Just a “small” list of restrictions
10:10 – Console emulation
11:17 – Apple Arcade lol
11:55 – AAA gaming on MacBook Pro vs gaming laptops
13:53 – How is the MacBook Pro the best gaming laptop?
16:01 – Apple, listen up!

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The new MacBook Pro have launched to much fanfare. Gone is the Touch Bar, introduced is the notch, but beyond the visual redesign, we get a look at the Mac’s new M1 Pro and M1 Max SoCs. We know from a lot of reviews that the CPUs are very good and very efficient. Battery life on these laptops is excellent while maintaining adequate thermals in a small form factor; however, what nobody has tested extensively is gaming. Apple bragged quite a bit about their performance relative to RTX 3080 Mobile GPUs during their keynote. Of course, this was certainly not in the context of gaming, but…. wait…. could it have been? We show in this video that the 2021 MacBook Pro might just be the best gaming laptops ever made (by accident).
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