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In this video of Josh Money, Aastha Sethi is talking about the Top 10 Passive Income Ideas For Students and Working Professionals.
Making money in your sleep is the ultimate dream for hands-off investors. Finding the best sources of passive income may allow you to do just that. Passive income is money you can earn without too much ongoing effort. After you identify and establish a stream of passive income, you won’t need to tend to it every day—but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to do some work now and then. Most passive income ideas require an initial investment of time, money or other resources. They also require a degree of monitoring or regular maintenance to keep things on track, but they won’t require you to commit tens of hours a week or make small talk at the water cooler.
How to Get Passive Income
People typically generate passive income in one of three main ways:
Investing. When you invest, you use the money you already have to make more money.
Asset building. This means acquiring an asset that earns money passively over time.
Asset sharing. Sharing in this sense means selling or renting out assets that you already own.
The 10 ideas which we discussed are,
Rental Facility
Create YouTube Channel
Start Small Business
Home Cooked Food
Stock Market
Audio/ e-Books
Graphic Designing
Video Editing
Content Writing
Vlogging Se paise Kaise Kamaye? : https://youtu.be/QboGOwACQ2Q

Earn Money In 2022 | Top 10 Passive Income Ideas In Hindi | Earning Ideas For Students | Josh Money
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