Earn Money Online in Pakistan | USDT EARNING ONLINE
Earn Money Online in Pakistan | USDT EARNING ONLINE

The latest fund investment platform in 2022, allowing you to invest without worries, the latest investment fixed income USDT fund platform with proof of payment (fast payment)

USDT registration link: https://orusdt.com/#/pages/view/ucenter/login?reg=1&i=314982

Customer Service Contact Telegram: https://t.me/orusdt_com

Channel Group: https://t.me/orusdt

Website White Paper: https://orusdt.com/download/orusdt.com_V1.2.pdf

The company starts business on June 14, 2022! To celebrate the official launch of www.orusdt.com, we have launched a deposit bonus campaign to thank investors for their support of the company.

Single recharge 100usdt, extra rebate 10usdt
Single recharge 300usdt, extra 30usdt rebate
Single recharge 500usdt, extra 50usdt rebate

Single recharge 1000usdt, extra rebate 110usdt
Single recharge 3000usdt, additional rebate 330usdt
Single recharge 5000usdt, additional rebate 550usdt

Single recharge 10000usdt, additional rebate 1200usdt
Single recharge 30000usdt, additional rebate 3300usdt
Single recharge 50000usdt, additional rebate 5500usdt

There is no limit to the number of times each investor can participate, just consult the online customer service to apply.

USDT registration link: https://orusdt.com/#/pages/view/ucenter/login?reg=1&i=314982

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