Gaming PC Vs M1 MacBook Air Minecraft FPS Test
Gaming PC Vs M1 MacBook Air in a Minecraft FPS Test. The results are suprising…

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Today I’m going to be comparing my Gaming PC with my NEW M1 MacBook Air and seeing which gives us the most FPS in Minecraft. We’re going to be running various different tests on each of the systems to find the Winner!

Lots of people liked my ‘Playing Minecraft on a M1 Macbook Air’ video and a lot of you guys haven’t seen my Gaming PC yet so I decided to compare them and put them through their paces and seeing how it runs 1.8.9, Lunar client and the latest 1.18 version and attempting to do some PvP on Hypixel we will see how much FPS it gives me and whether it runs well. Both systems are actually the same price wise interestingly

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Specs of My Gaming PC are:
AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Asrock B450 Steel Legend
16GB Corsair DDR4 3200MHz RAM
MSI Gaming X GTX 1660 SUPER

Specs of my MacBook Air:
Late 2020
Apple M1 8 Core CPU 8 Core GPU

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