iPhone SE (2022) REVIEW – Still Worth Buying?
My iPhone SE (2022) Review, one week later. Should you buy the budget iPhone and what features is it packing/missing?

Taking a xlook at the design and screen, as well as the photo and video capability. Could you use this iPhone SE to create YouTube content?

How long does the battery last and what’s the benefit of the A15 chip in a phone this cheap? I’ll also do a quick comparison against the iPhone 11 and 13 Mini.

iPhone 13 Pro review (6 months later) – https://youtu.be/h-arKWfq1Sg
iPhone 13 Mini unboxing – https://youtu.be/0T1U_OUdHXo

Thanks for watching, Chris.

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00:00 | The iPhone SE
00:23 | Design from 2017
01:33 | Screen Size and Quality
02:46 | Camera Quality
03:38 | Filming 4K Videos
04:16 | Specs and Power
05:08 | How good is the Battery?
05:51 | Storage and Price
06:18 | Comparing it to Others
07:31 | Inside the Box
07:43 | Should You Buy One?

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