Minecraft on The M1 Macbook Air // ASMR Gameplay // Gaming Test in 2021
Welcome to an ASMR Minecraft Test on the M1 Macbook Air in 2021. I was using optifine in this video which increases fps and is free to download.
This is how the M1 Macbook Air performs in singleplayer and multiplayer minecraft.
This Minecraft Gameplay was tested in singleplayer survival and on Hypixel which is a popular Minecraft server full of fun mini games and challenges.

Specs of laptop: 256GB SSD | 16GB Ram | 8-core CPU and 7-core GPU | Apple M1 Chip Processor

0:00 – Intro
0:10 – Solo Survival VSync ON (Max 60FPS)
1:33 – Hypixel Skywars VSync ON (Max 60FPS)
4:46 – Solo Survival Unlimited FPS
6:07 – Hypixel Skywars Unlimited FPS
12:42 – Conclusion and Summary of Performance

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