OPPO Find N | One Week With The Mind-Blowing Foldable Phone
The OPPO Find N is one of the most innovative foldable phones as we hit 2022, boasting next-level screen tech and some impressive mult-tasking chops. I’ve been playing with the Find N for a few days now and here’s my thoughts – and a big thanks to OPPO for sponsoring this video.

You can find more information on all of their latest smartphones and other tech at their official website: https://www.oppo.com/en/

I really like the 5.5-inch compact form factor when the phone is folded, which makes for easy one-handed use. When you need more screen space, you have a mighty 7-plus inch display topping off at 120Hz, hidden away inside. This supports OPPO’s usual multi-tasking gestures, including two-finger swipe for split-screen and four-finger floating windows.

Performance is strong enough for everything you need, while the OPPO Find N’s battery tech will keep you powered up all day long too. Meanwhile there’s five cameras scattered around the folding form factor, with special tools to take advantage of the foldable design.

OPPO Find N Chapters:
0:00 – The usual waffle
0:38 – Design
1:05 – Biiiiig screen
2:25 – Tough enough?
2:56 – Multitasking marvel
3:40 – Camera tech
4:34 – Gaming & performance
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