Sony Xperia 1 | Three Days Review
After 3 days with Sony’s Xperia 1 flagship phone, here’s my early review of this feature-packed media monster.

This super-premium mobile boasts Sony’s first triple-lens camera, as well as the same 21:9 cinematic display as the Xperia 10 and 10 Plus – but here you have gorgeous 4K OLED visuals, complete with the Creator Mode for accurate output. Performance is fantastic thanks to the speedy Snapdragon 855, which also proves pleasingly energy efficient – so far I’m enjoying all-day battery life from the Xperia 1, despite the capacity not really increasing.

I’ve already fully reviewed the new tri-lens camera, complete with a deep dive into features such as the Cinema Pro app. It’s not the best camera out there for everyday consumers but the manual control over the video capture is ideal for demanding cinephiles.

Have you already bought the Sony Xperia 1? Let us know how you’re getting on in the comments, and check out my comparison with the Galaxy S10+ – and coming soon, my Xperia XZ3 vs as well.
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