T-Mobile Review 2021: Should You Switch?
In this detailed T-Mobile review, I explain T-Mobile Essentials, Magenta, and Magenta Plus, compare T-Mobile to Verizon and AT&T, and ultimately answer if you should sign up. ⬇ SHOW MORE ⬇

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00:00 – Intro
0:53 – T-Mobile Essentials
1:32 – T-Mobile Magenta
2:11 – T-Mobile Magenta Plus
2:44 – Magenta vs Magenta Plus
4:41 – T-Mobile Network Priority Explained
6:24 – Will You Notice Deprioritization?
7:40 – T-Mobile vs Verizon vs AT&T
7:53 – T-Mobile Essentials vs Verizon Start Unlimited vs AT&T Unlimited Starter
9:05 – T-Mobile Magenta vs Verizon Play More Unlimited vs AT&T Unlimited Extra
11:57 – T-Mobile Magenta Plus vs Verizon Do More Unlimited vs AT&T Unlimited Elite
14:48 – T-Mobile Coverage & Data Speeds
17:16 – T-Mobile Features
17:58 – T-Mobile Customer Service & Support
20:49 – T-Mobile App
22:57 – Should You Sign Up for T-Mobile in 2021?

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