Tesla's Insane New Phone Is A Game Changer (RIP Apple)
With Elon’s Tesla revolutionizing the entire car industry, his Boring company making tunneling more possible than ever, and SpaceX single-handedly creating the world of privately-owned space exploration, there seems to be no limit to his achievements.
However, recently, there have been rumors that the legendary tech god has his eyes set on another industry that he seeks to change, and if he does, it will affect every single one of our lives.
That’s right, rumors have not only been circulating around but have started coming from major sources that Tesla is out to create a phone unlike any other, one by the name of the Pi Phone, that will work on Mars, have 5G level internet in the Sahara and will be able to change its color.
But does Tesla really have a shot at making this phone, and how does it compare to the world’s current leader in technology, the Apple iPhone which you might be using to watch this video right now? The answers to those and more are in this video so buckle up if you want to learn more.
And with that said, let’s take a look at both of the competitors with their:
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