The Best Samsung Phones To Buy Right Now (ALL Budgets & Prices) Early 2022
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Samsung Renewed deals:

A13 5G from Amazon:
A13 5G from Samsung:

S20 FE renewed from Amazon:

S10 renewed from Amazon:

Samsung A53 5G from Samsung
Samsung A53 5G on Amazon:

S21 renewed from Amazon:

Note 10 from Amazon:

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✅ BEST Deals on Smartphones:
📲All iPhone Deals on Amazon:
iPhone 7 (Amazon):
iPhone 8 (Amazon):
iPhone X (Amazon):
iPhone XR (Amazon):
iPhone XS (Amazon):
iPhone 11 (Amazon):
iPhone 12 (Amazon):

📲 All Samsung Deals:
Samsung S9 (Amazon):
Samsung S10 (Amazon):
Samsung S10e (Amazon):
Samsung S20 FE (Amazon):
Samsung S20 (all deals):
Samsung S21 (all deals):
Samsung Note10 Lite (Amazon):
Samsung Note20 (all deals):
Samsung ZFold 2 (best deal):
Samsung ZFlip (best deal):

📲 All Samsung A Series Deals:
Samsung A02s (Amazon):
Samsung A12 (Amazon):
Samsung A22 5G (Amazon):
Samsung A32 5G (Amazon):
Samsung A42 5G (Amazon):
Samsung A52 5G (Amazon):
Samsung A72 (Amazon):

🎥 All The Gear I Use To Make Videos:

0:00 Intro
0:57 Navi Shopping Tool
2:04 Best Budget (A13 & A03s)
3:48 Best Overall Value (S20 FE)
5:48 Oldest (S10)
6:40 Best New Phone (A53)
7:38 Best Deals on Flagships (S21/S22)
8:32 2022 Phone (S22 Ultra)
9:06 Best S-pen Deal (Note 10)
9:51 Conclusion

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