Top 6 Headshot and Hip-Fire Training Tips ✅❌ / Guide Tutorial | PUBG MOBILE / BGMI (Tips and Tricks)
new simple way to connect headshot in TDM and Close range fights Also this and tricks to improve your hip-fire, aim, movement and headshot!
Here are tips and tricks to improve headshot and hip-fire in close range fights and TDM.
training ground to practice hip fire, headshot and aim improvement. I also share guide in pubg mobile / BGMI best settings that help you in hip fire and perfect aiming. Shooting training to improve your aim, hip fire headshot
best chinese player training routine.
– one tap headshot trick

– pubg mobile sensitivity code
– pubg mobile controls code
– Standard Training
– Reaction Training
– Improve Headshot
– Improve Heapfire
– Improve Jiggle
– improve aim

Sensitivity Code: 7075-5110-8627-7479-680
Control Code: 7075-5110-8627-7479-679

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Finger Gloves I use:
My phone Cooler:
My Favorite Triggers/Controllers:
How I Use charger & Earphones at the same time in Iphone:
Device: Iphone 8 plus
Recorder: IOS default recorder
Edit: CapCut

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