WARZONE: The SEASON 4 UPDATE Reveal & THE BIGGEST CHANGES YET… (3 Maps, New Weapons & More)
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Warzone Season 4 just got revealed and with it comes the biggest changes yet, possibly that we’ve ever seen in Warzone. To me, I think it’s the biggest changes yet of the Vanguard era, so since Caldera was introduced, but no less… Warzone Season 4 is going to be MASSIVE for Warzone players. Unfortunately, for traditional MP and Zombies, Vanguard is uh… How do I put this lightly…? Still lackluster? Yeah, lackluster for a gentle description, neglected for a more accurate depiction, but I mean, at least there’s Warzone Season 4 content, right? I hate that it’s so one-sided and do feel for anyone who’s not the biggest Warzone fan. Modern Warfare 2 is coming up, that should hopefully fix this. Today, we’re breaking down Warzone Season 4 and the biggest changes yet to the game in regards to a third map on A ROTATION, a ton of new changes to Caldera, including a massive change that is removing 50% of the vegetation making visibility worlds more, tons of new additions in weaponry, features and all that. So, as we go along, drop your thoughts, are you enjoying the Season 4 Update and what it revealed to us coming next week or are you hoping for a bit more? How do you feel about the biggest changes yet coming within Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone? Drop your thoughts, but if you’re new to the channel, hit that subscribe button to stay up to date with all things Warzone, Season 4 and of course, more Modern Warfare 2 coverage. For now, though, let’s break down what the Season 4 update revealed and how some of the biggest changes yet are on their way. This is: WARZONE: The SEASON 4 UPDATE Reveal & THE BIGGEST CHANGES YET… (3 Maps, New Weapons & More)

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