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In this video of Josh Money, our expert Ayushman Pandita is talking about 5 Ways to make money as a teenager or college student.
Being a student is often a very important phase in a person’s life. However, studying is a full-time occupation, and so students who are looking to earn a bit of money start searching for part-time jobs that don’t affect their studies.
Other concerns for students are how to earn money online without making a large investment, or finding jobs that require minimal experience.
If you are a teenager or college students who want to make money using high-paying ideas that are easy to do, then you should watch this video till the end. In this video, Ayushman Pandita has discussed 5 different ways that are very easy to implement for teenagers and college students in India. These ideas can be implemented by Indian teens easily and can be used to make online at the comfort of your own home.

Ayushman has added the best money-making and earning apps in this video which can be used by teenagers or college students in 2022. These apps can be used to earn good money by teenagers in India. The ideas and apps discussed are of different types such as Caption Writer and Transcriber; selling your academic notes online as e-books; Online Tutor or Mentorship, and working as a Freelancer or Content Creator by helping in transcribing/captioning/translating other people’s work online.

So if you are a school student, a college student, or none of these but a teenager in India, then you can implement the ideas mentioned in this video to make thousands of rupees every month. And the best part is that these ideas don’t require any financial investments from your side. All you need is some dedication and persistence to make money using these easy ideas.

Ways To Make Money As College Students | Online Earning for Student | @Ayushman Pandita | Josh Money

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