Apple RETAKES the Gaming Crown with a $6000 GPU!
We took the BEST GPU EVER in a Mac and played Metro Exodus, GTA V and COD Warzone at 6K RESOLUTION to see just how INSANE we could pump up the graphics settings at 60FPS!
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In this video, we take the most expensive $6000 AMD Radeon Pro W6900X GPU for the Mac Pro and put it to the test by playing some of the most demanding and high quality games out there.

To do that, we installed Windows 10 Bootcamp on the Mac to install games like Grand Theft Auto V and Call of Duty WarZone and then we cranked up the resolution to 6K to see how much FPS we could get.

We also decided to try out Metro Exodus for Mac and ran it at 6K resolution as well!

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Timestamps ⬇️
The W6900X is INSANE for Mac Gaming! – 00:00
Running Geekbench 5 using Vulkan & OpenCL – 1:04
Playing Metro Exodus on macOS – 02:15
Playing GTA V on Windows – 04:16
Playing COD Warzone on Windows – 06:03
Warzone at 6K Resolution w/ Ray-Tracing – 7:17
4K Resolution + Max Settings + Ray-Tracing – 8:14
Final Conclusion – 8:41

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