Infinix Note 10 Pro (2022) review: A better bang for your buck!
Infinix Mobile is a name that is still not as big as other smartphone brands, but has been slowly making itself known by offering phones at affordable price points – with the performance and even looks of a higher-end device.

Last year, the company introduced the Note 10 Pro as a midrange contender and at just below PhP 10K for its starting price, offers specs and features not usually seen in its category.

Now, it’s 2022 and Infinix is outdoing itself by offering the same model but with beefier specs – all while the price in the Philippines stays the same.

So what has changed in the 2022 variant and how do these changes affect overall experience?

This is our Infinix Note 10 Pro 2022 review.

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0:00 Infinix Note 10 Pro in the Philippines
1:03 Design and build quality
3:05 Display and speakers
5:00 Cameras and samples
7:02 MediaTek Helio G95 + other internals.
9:11 Battery life
9:46 Creature Feature
10:13 Price in the Philippines + final thoughts
10:35 Subscribe!

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