Of Course, I GAMED on the M1 Max!
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Apple’s MacBook Pro with the M1 Max processor is the closest or is a direct desktop replacement for creators or power users. 10-CPU cores and up to 32-GPU cores are definitely a giant leap for Apple in laptops for power and efficiency.

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0:00 – New MacBook Pro M1 Max!
0:31 – Exterior
1:35 – Battery information
2:19 – Frameworks disclosure
2:26 – Can you game on an M1 Max?
3:16 – Sponsor – Jackery
3:47 – Laptop hinge
4:29 – Trackpad
4:51 – Notch
7:24 – Display HDR
8:26 – Keyboard & Chassis
9:24 – What’s missing in this MacBook Pro
10:42 – I/O Ports
12:13 – Speakers
12:58 – lttstore.com Banana for Scale!
13:28 – Other capabilities
14:20 – Shown model specs
14:30 – Gaming!
15:55 – Outro
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