Poco M3 Review | Ex-Xiaomi Budget Phone
Reviewing the Poco M3 after a week of testing as my full-time budget smartphone, including camera tests, gaming performance, battery life and beyond. After splitting with Xiaomi, this is the first independent Poco phone of 2020 and a decent affordable mobile. But is it among the best like the X3 NFC and Redmi 9?

You can grab your budget blower for £150-ish on Aliexpress right now.

The Poco M3 sports quite a basic 48MP primary camera that can struggle in conditions that are less than great. It’s also a little slow, with limited performance hampered further by that heavy MiUI 12 overlay.

Still, those issues and a couple of other bugs aside (including iffy BT performance with some speakers and rubbish auto brightness), the Poco M3 definitely impresses. The FHD+ screen is rather stunning for that cheap price, the 6000mAh battery keeps you going forever and the gaming chops are good with Call of Duty Mobile and PubG.

You may not love the design but at least it’s rugged, while MiUI 12 adds some great features including a proper gaming mode.

So that’s my review of the Poco M3, post-Xiaomi. Let me know what you think and my round up of the best budget smartphones of 2020 under £200 is coming v soon!
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