Using My Base Model M1 MacBook Air as a GAMING Rig! (Thermals, RAM Usage, Fortnite, Tomb Raider)
I wanted to take the gaming performance of the new M1 MacBook Air 8GB memory version to the extreme. I tested it playing 1440p games via an external gaming monitor to see what the performance would be like.

Bear in mind, these games/apps are not yet optimized and should still be running on Rosetta 2. Therefore, the performance you are witnessing in this video is in no way the final product. Stay tuned on this channel as I will be running more gaming and performance benchmarks when new updates are released.

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00:00 Introduction
01:08 Fortnite at 1440p
01:56 My Gaming Setup
04:00 Fortnite Settings and Gameplay
07:09 Shadow of the Tomb Raider in 1440p and 1080p
10:50 Thermals and thermal throttling after almost an hour of gameplay
11:42 Activity Monitor to see CPU and RAM usage
12:23 Different Resolutions in Tomb Raider
13:06 Dying Light at 1440p and 1080p
15:21 Thermals After 1 Hour of Gameplay
15:50 Conclusion

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